Getting Sexy Foot Tattoos and Designs For Women - Important Things to Consider

So many women these days are getting foot tattoos. Who can blame them really sexy foot tattoo designs look great and they are super hot. It is one of the best feminine tattoo designs for girls out there. However, getting a foot tattoo can be a bit more painful than other designs. So you want to make sure you follow these steps to reduce the pain level and ensure quick healing of the tattoo.

Possible Designs

There are a ton of great designs that can be done on the foot. Remember that the placement of a foot is just a general idea but it can be anywhere on the top of the foot spreading all the way up to the ankle and down to the sides of the feet also. You can also consider getting one or both feet tattooed. There are some really great foot tattoos out there that span across the top of both feet.

Typically foot tattoos are gotten by women and therefore the designs are more feminine and tend to fall in the area of tattoo designs for women. Here are some possible considerations

  • Flowers - There are a ton of beautiful flowers that work perfectly on the foot. You can just do the blossom or head of the flower or you might want to do the flower and stem. Some women also choose to do a cluster of flowers. Flowers are typically full of meaning and symbolism in the West of course the rose is full of deep meaning and symbolism. For a more mystical and foreign feel you might want to consider cherry blossom or lotus flower designs which are also very symbolic and full of meaning.
  • Tribal - It used to be that tribal designs were more the domain of men. However, today more and more women are taking tribal designs and making them cute and feminine. By thinning the line and adding color or changing the hard black and white angular design of male tribal designs and making them swirl and intertwine in a beautiful flowing way can make a great design.
  • Fairy - Fairies are always a great tattoo. They do not have a preset meaning or symbolism inherent in them and therefore you can be free to pose the fairy and dress her up in any way you want. The way she poses, her clothes and hair color and wings will communicate a lot of feeling and emotions. For example you can go with a shy fairy or a sexy tough looking fairy. Think of Tinkerbell on steroids! Kind of sexy and scary ain't it?

Dealing With Pain

Getting a foot tattoo is one of the more painful areas to get a design inked on your body so you should be prepared. This does not mean you want to freak out about it and talk yourself out of it. Remember thousands of women have gone before you and braved the process. However, you also want to prepare yourself and here are some tips that help.

  • Be Comfortable - The most important thing is you want to make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position. You will have to have your leg elevated for a while and you want it to be comfortable. Don't be afraid to talk with the artist and let them know what you need. If you need extra padding or a different position ask. Once you are positioned you want to stay put and not move or you can mess up the artist and the design.
  • Be Distracted - This might sound funny but you want to keep yourself distracted during the time. Keep your breathing slow and at a comfortable pace and distract yourself to keep calm. You might want to bring an iPod, something to read or even just focus on the tattoo designs on the wall at the shop but find somewhere to focus your mind and stay in your happy place.
  • Take Breaks Or Do It In Sessions - You can also take breaks or do it in two sessions if needed. If it is really painful and the pain is getting to you don't be afraid to talk with your tattoo artist and let them know that you need a break. Sometimes taking a short break and then coming back to it with a refreshed mind will help the process go much smoother. Just keep in mind your artist has a schedule to keep also so you can take breaks but be considerate also.


A foot tattoo can be at risk for not healing as well as it should. Since feet are usually in movement, covered with socks and stuffed in shoes it can be hard to properly heal a foot tattoo. Something that can help are make sure you don't wear shoes for at least 12 hours after getting the tattoo and longer if possible. You might have to opt for a open sandal but the best method is to stay at home with your shoes and socks off. Try to keep the tattoo as clean as possible and wash it. Also let it breathe and get air as much as possible.

Hot and Sexy Foot Tattoo Designs For Women - The Best in Feminine Tattoo Designs For Girls

Your foot is a very popular place to get a tattoo. Have you been considering or looking for a suitable foot tattoo design? Maybe you want one that is feminine and sexy and maybe a cute girly tattoo design? Well the possibilities are limitless and you can find a lot of designs to easily come up with something unique and special to you. This article will help show you how.

Foot Tattoo Designs

When you start looking for a foot tattoo design you are really not limited in any way other then size. Since the foot area is not a really big canvas you do need to keep your design on the smaller side. Often tattoos can be sized pretty well to fit a certain area. However the adjustments to the size should not be big changes. In other words you do not want to go from a really big intricate tattoo to a small one as it could easily become a blob of ink. So as you are looking for tattoo designs try to find things that are smaller by nature. Even if you find a big tattoo design that you are really drawn to you can often take a piece of the design and make it into a small foot tattoo. Here are some ideas for foot tattoo designs that often work very well for the cute feminine look.

Flower Tattoo Designs

Flowers always work well for female tattoo designs. Of course most flowers have some kind of meaning and significance behind them so you will want to research and know the meaning and symbolism behind the flower that you get before it is tattooed to your foot. However, if you have a favorite flower then that might be the exact design that you want so go for it. Since the shape of the top of a foot is pretty square a flower in bloom looking down from the top often works well. Then a subtle background with some leaves or water can be done behind the flower.

Angel Tattoo Designs

Angels always work well as feminine tattoo designs also. Since the space on the top of the foot is limited this is not the area for a huge group of angles but maybe one or two angels can work really well here. Angels often symbolize protection and show the spiritual side of a person. You might want to consider the type of angel you want as there are many different styles. You could go with a realistic looking angel, a cartoon angel, a guardian angel or even a cherub.

Fairies Tattoo Designs

Fairies are another very popular option for a sexy foot tattoo that women often seem drawn to. Of course the fairy could be posed and done in a lot of different ways. So you will want to consider what you want your tattoo to express about yourself. For example if you are the type of person who loves to be outdoors and in nature then you might want a nature fairy with a green dress and flowers in her hair. If you are more the type of person who wants to show off your sexy side then you might want to find a fairy that is drawn in a sexy way. Really a fairy can be drawn in hundreds of different ways they could be shy, bashful, conceited, sexy, beautiful or whatever emotions you want to express.

Super Sexy Female Tattoo Galleries

Female Tattoo Galleries

Female tattoo galleries and really tattoo galleries in general are very popular on the internet. However, some might wonder how they can use one and what they can do with it. Really there are a variety of things that you can use a female tattoo gallery for. Here are just a few of them.

Browse The Designs

First and foremost one of the most fun things to do is just browse all of the different tattoo designs and photos. Female tattoo designs are sexy of course and just browsing through the different galleries can be a lot of fun. Many of the sites that have tattoo galleries allow you to rate and comment on other people's tattoos which doesn't sound all that exciting at first but it can be very addictive. It is sort of a voyeur pleasure but nonetheless a lot of fun to do.

Gather Resources For Designs

Another way that you can use female tattoo galleries is to gather design resources. This is great for any stage of tattoo design. If you really are not sure about anything for your tattoo then you can just browse the many designs and gather ideas. If you already have a specific tattoo theme in mind like let's say you want a feminine flower tattoo. Then you can use the gallery to search for the specific designs that incorporate flowers. Just one suggestion here don't simply copy another person's tattoo design as that would be boring. Instead gather the photos and possible tattoo designs as ideas. Print them all out and then combine them in a unique way to make your own tattoo design.

Spot Popular Tattoo Trends

You can also use these galleries to gather ideas about what is popular in tattoo design and what is not. Most of the galleries have the designs broken down into pretty extensive categories and you can see the number of pictures or designs in any of the categories. Clearly the categories that have the most designs are some of the most popular. You can also spot current trends in tattoo designs by watching the date when the designs or photos were submitted. This will help you from getting an old out dated tattoo design. For example things like tribal armband tattoos might be kind of 90's. You can easily spot this by looking through these types of galleries. You might find however that Hawaiian tribal armbands are really popular now. Of course you should never get a tattoo based only on what is popular now. Instead it should be a design that speaks to you in some way and has some importance for some reason. Don't ever get a tattoo just because your favorite celebrity has one or because you thought it was popular. Tattoo designs and shops can also use these types of tattoo galleries to spot trends and then develop flash that will fit those trends.

Dove Tattoo Design - Profound Meanings of Dove Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs portray various meanings. An image of a bird, take for instance a dove, would connote different interpretations. It may signify peace, freedom, happiness, and even love. Also, others perceive it to denote aspects on the after-life. It may be about ones purity of soul or a soaring dove depicts the journey in the spirit world. The eagle on the other hand would project strong-willed convictions and of masculine representations.

One aspect in the bible describes how a dove gave Moses that green parch of leaves to say that there is already life thriving after the great flood. The scene itself would mean that a dove is the bearer of hope during times when life seemed to be bleak. This same meaning is handed down to different people of different nationalities to where during times of war or crisis, they represent hope and freedom to a dove. Others would draw it the same way as it was in the bible - a dove with a twig of leaves in its beak. Tattoo enthusiasts also consider this a very symbolic design that they also result to having the same mark inked in their bodies.

The love for a departed loved one is also represented with a dove. To eternally be reminded of that loved one, some people would have a tattoo of a dove alongside someone's name. In certain ways, having that kind of representation is a way of thinking that the soul is at peace and has crossed over to the after-life without hardships. Also, it represents that the living has already accepted the passing of the loved one.

Although dove symbols might somehow be related more to the feminine feature, however it does not often mean tenderness or gentleness. Doves are also used to project strong convictions such as freedom and peace; a status that can be acquired through harsh means such as war or bloody battles. In this sense, this design is one of the famous kinds in the tattoo business. Aficionados of all ages, any nationality used this design to convey peace, hope, freedom, intense love, spirituality, and simply the reminder of their acceptance to a passing of a dear one.

Discover the unknown tips of choosing the correct name tattoos at this best tattoo gallery. Find the Best Tattoo Designs [] and check out the largest selection of Award Winning Tattoo Designs!

Best Arm Tattoo Designs - Top 3 Tattoo Design Ideas For Your Bicep

Finding the best arm tattoo designs can be a challenge. But there certainly is nothing quite like having that killer tattoo on your bicep to show your personal style and individual taste. Over time, tattoo art has evolved into many areas of taste and design. Here are the top 3 design ideas for your bicep or arm:

1. Celtic Arm Tattoo - Stemming from the ancient celtic times, these drawings use hard corners and block shapes to create an abstract, yet bold design. You can create many different variations to show what suites your personality. From including sharper corners, more color combinations, and a wider band shape, celtic arm tattoo designs can really draw attention to your upper body.

2. Flag Arm Tattoo - An extremely popular option with Military personnel, especially in early 2001 and 2002. Getting this kind of art is a true symbol of your personal views and tastes. There are some really creative things you can do here, including adding in birds and other animals with the flag drawing.

3. Tribal Arm Tattoo - Tribal drawings have started to really take off in recent years. The flexibility of what to put here is almost endless. Using straight, bold lines and sharp angles, almost any image can be created by a good artist or parlor.

Importantly, even though these base ideas are widely popular does not mean you can not find an individual approach to getting your own ink. A tattoo is a very personal decision, and your taste and personality should come through in the finished product.

The Origin of Old School Tattoos

Tattoos have been in existence since Neolithic times. In 1991, the remains of "Otzi, the iceman" (a mummy from 3,300 B.C.) was found in the Ötztal Alps, near the border between Austria and Italy . The mummy bore 57 tattoos. Among them were numerous small parallel lines along the lumbar, legs and the ankles. We now think that this was done for the treatment of arthritis.

Tattooing has also been featured prominently in one of the Four Classic Novels in Chinese literature. Henna and Mehndi were popular in ancient India and ancient Egypt and still remain popular today in the Indian subcontinent, Middle East and North Africa. Tattooing in the Philippines is a tribal form of rank and accomplishment. Some tribes believe that tattoos possess magical qualities.

During the gradual process of Christianization in Europe, tattoos were often considered remaining elements of paganism and were generally prohibited under law. In the classic Greek period, tattooing was only common among slaves. In Japan, the art of getting tattoos is also ancient; dating back to 10,000 B.C. Traditional Samoan tattooing is quite painful and lengthy and is an ordeal that even today is not lightly undertaken.

In the 18th century, Captain James Cook sailed to Polynesia in the South Pacific. When Cook and his men returned to Europe, they spoke of the 'tattooed savages' that they had encountered. Cook introduced the word "tattoo" to the English language. The Tahitian word, "tatau" is the origin of the English word "Tattoo".
The upper classes all over Europe sported body tattoos in the 19th century. In Britain, it was whispered that Queen Victoria had a small tattoo in a very private location of her body. Denmark's king Frederick had tattoos and even Winston Churchill had an anchor tattooed on his forearm.

In America, the tattoo became quite popular during World War II. Returning soldiers and sailors wanted souvenirs to show off their worldly exploits to their family and friends. Popular designs include Navy and other armed forces symbols, anchors, daggers, pin up girls, mermaids, roses, hearts, and swallow and sparrow tattoos. These Western traditional design style tattoos, or old school tattoos feature bright red and green colors with little or no shading. Yellow, blue, purple and brown colors were rarely used in the designs. Each design had symbolism behind it. For example, the tattoo symbol of love is the both the rose and the heart.

Today, Old School Tattoos are enjoying a worldwide resurgence of popularity. Historical evidence shows us that elements of old school tattoos have been in existence throughout most of the world's history. The timeless designs and patterns of the Old School Tattoos have been around since prehistoric times and remain attractive to us even today.

The Rose Tattoo Designs - So Many Meanings In One Simple Flower

Without doubt the rose is the most adored breed of flower throughout the world. One would have to guess that the popularity of this exquisite flower has been linked to the romantic connotations that roses have between lovers. Every woman would appreciate a beautiful bunch of even a single rose from their lover as a token of their love and affection. The red rose in particular undoubtedly the most popular color and relates strongly to romance as well as sexual relationships.

To other people this flower rose may have other symbolic meanings. For example it is claimed in folklore that both Aphrodite who was the Greek Goddess of Love, and Venus who was Aphrodite's Roman equivalent, revered the red rose. It also has religious connections and is known to be symbolic of the Virgin Mary. The people who claim to have witnessed a vision of Mary say that her appearance is always accompanied by the smell of roses.

If you are considering having a rose tattoo design, but are reluctant to because of the romantic implications, don't worry - I have seen many masculine guys wearing a rose tattoo, often as a reminder of departed loved ones. Some creative guys have even incorporated it into a multi-image tattoo such as having a snake curled around a dagger embedded in a rosebush.

English Roses

Here is a bit of history for you! Do you know why a beautiful English woman is typically referred to as "An English Rose"? Well it is related to some of Shakespeare's writings where he refers to the rose and compares his love (lady) with a red rose in the line, "O my love is like a red, red rose".

As well as having a romantic connotation this flower is also reflective of more aggressive situations, for example, two of England's most famous families both have this delightful flower as part of their family symbolism - the Lancasters (whose family emblem is the red rose) and the Yorks (whose coat of arms is made up of white rose).

In addition to this one of Britain's dominant political parties, the Labor Party, is symbolized by red roses.

Another more masculine use of the rose tattoo design involves the 1980's rock band 'Guns 'n' Roses', The members of the Band were well known for their hard rocking music and lifestyle yet they all wore tattoos incorporating the image of the rose albeit with tattoos of guns. As a result many fans both male and female emulated the band members by getting tattoos with images of guns and roses.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

The color of a rose has significance and meaning, so before you commit to a particular design you should choose the color that best represents the symbolism of your tattoo.

* A red rose embodies the conventional color choice and exemplifies beauty, love, bravery, passion and romanticism

* A red rose bud constitutes a symbol of pureness and loveliness

* A dark red rose stands for unconscious beauty

* A gold rose represents accomplishment

* A pink rose bespeaks friendship, appreciation, grace, happiness and gentleness

* A light pink rose symbolizes understanding and sweetness

* A white rose conveys sinlessness, innocence, silence, privacy, reverence, humbleness, youthfulness and charm

* A yellow rose personifies joyfulness, happiness, jealousy or an apology

* A lavender rose intends fascination

* A coral rose symbolizes desire

* A blue rose represents impossibilities

* A black rose traditionally represents sorrow and death

For those considering having a rose style tattoo, but are concerned that the design does not reflect their true way of life or image, just consider some of the historical facts regarding this magnificent flower and feel comfortable with having a tattoo incorporating a rose in the design.

Sexy Tattoos For Women - Rib Side, Foot and Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Who says that tats are only for men? A lot of women these days are now getting body arts. With so many sexy tattoos for women these days, it's quite easy to find the design that will suit your personality and requirements. Most women prefer to have their tats on the rib side, foot, and lower back. These are ideal body parts because the tats can't be easily seen unless the person reveals the body art.

Rib Side

If you're willing to undergo so much pain, the rib side tats are the way to go. If you choose to for a rib side tat, you need to pick a larger design. The tissues in this area are lesser so the pain can be unbearable. With a very large design, the session can take 1-2 days. Most women prefer a tat that starts on the lower stomach and extends to the rib side. You can choose designs with lively and vibrant colors.


Foot tats are also popular. Did you know that foot body inks don't last long as compared to the tats located in other parts of the body? This happens because a new tat should not be rubbed so you can't wear shoes or tight jeans. The healing process for foot tats is slower and the tattooing is really painful. There are times when infections can occur and if you have diabetes, you can't have a foot tat. The most popular designs are star, flower, and letter tats.

Lower Back

Women love lower back tats. The body arts make them a lot sexier since the shape of their body is enhanced. Female celebrities like Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie now have lower back tats. Still, you don't need to be a Hollywood star to get this body art. Find a great tribal design, butterfly, or any other design that suits your taste. You can download the printable tats and customize them. That way, you can have a unique tat that you can show off!

Sexy tattoos for women are more acceptable these days. The dawn of civilization has somehow diminished the popularity of body inks but in today's modern times, women are more open to tats. Get your very own body art and check out the available sexy tattoos for women online. Once you've customized a design, find a local body artist with a good reputation. Show your design and pick an ideal spot for the tat.

Flower Rib Tattoos - 5 Beautiful Flower Tattoo Designs on the Rib Cage

Rib Cage tattoos are on the rage right now as a lot of tat enthusiasts are getting themselves inked on the side part of their body. With rib area being having the ability to accommodate ample and intricate tat designs, it is no wonder why this is one of the most sought after theme nowadays.

When it comes to design choices, the flowers seem to be the most preferred image. Here are the top 5 favorite flower designs on the rib side.

Cherry blossoms, with its delicate pinkish-colored petals look stunning when tattooed on the body. It is a very symbolical flower as it can mean feminine beauty and sexuality in China. In Japan however, the flower stands for transience of life in connection with their Buddhist teachings and beliefs.

Lotus is another amazing flower that merges from the dark dirty pond into this fully-cupped and brightly bloomed petals. It represent the journey of those who have been through tough times in their life but are able to overcome all the hardships and success to come out as triumphant.

Rose is a classic flower design that definitely never loses its appeal. Its meaning varies depending on what color it is. The red varieties generally speaks of love and romance, the pink stands for grace and elegance while the yellow one evokes a feeling of happiness and warmth.

Lily has always been associated with innocence and purity. This can be traced to the fact that this flower has been seen in the old paintings of the Virgin Mary. This fragrant and gorgeous flower comes in a variety of colors such as pink, red, white, lavender and orange.

Hibiscus is a bright-colored flower that blooms only for a short period of time that is why it is known to represent delicate beauty. It is said that in Hawaii, if you wear the hibiscus on your right ear, it means you are single and looking for love. Wearing it on your left ear means you are taken and happy with love at the moment.

Cherry blossoms, lotus, lily, hibiscus and rose all have the potential to be a captivating and beautiful rib cage tattoo piece. All you have to do is to choose your design wisely and work with a reliable artist. Good luck on your body art.

Feminine Lower Back Tattoos Are Sexy and Practical

Choosing to get a tattoo is a big decision - especially for women. Because tattooing was traditionally considered a masculine activity, until recently, women who were tattooed sometimes faced social stigma. But tattooing is now something that women can safely do without casting doubt on their femininity, particularly if they choose feminine lower back tattoos.

Feminine tattoos can be almost anything, as long as it's something that is significant to you. The most important thing to remember when you're choosing a tattoo design is that it should be meaningful, because you're going to have to live with your decision for the rest of your life.

You probably have female friends, neighbors, or co-workers who have tattoos. If so, you know that feminine tattoos are incredibly diverse. Many women, for example, choose a type of flower. Roses are especially popular, and so are daisies. These flowers can be easily integrated into a larger design.

Celestial or astronomical images are also popular tattoo styles for women. Stars can be extremely feminine, especially if you have your artist embellish the outline of the shape. Suns and moons are also very popular, because they are flattering no matter where they are placed on the body.

Once you've chosen your tattoo design, you'll need to decide where to get it. Although many women choose to place their tattoos on their hips or ankles, by far the most popular tattoo site for women is the lower back. One reason for this is that the lower back can be covered if you are in a situation where a tattoo is not appropriate.

The other, and perhaps primary, reason that the lower back is popular is because of its sex appeal. By getting a lower back tattoo, you will be sure to catch the attention of all the men in the room. The female back is an especially curvaceous part of the body, and its sultry sex appeal will keep men's gazes fixed on you.

There are other good reasons to choose lower back tattoos, too. If you're not particularly concerned with increasing your sex appeal, remember that you can get a tattoo just to indulge yourself. You should never get a tattoo just to impress someone else.

When you're choosing a tattoo design, be thankful that you have so much freedom! But at the same time, you should give serious consideration to feminine lower back tattoos. They are sexy and sure to attract men, but you can also hide them if you need. Flatter your figure and yourself and choose a lower back tattoo!

Sexy Lower Back Tattoo Ideas - That's What Makes You Hot!

It's hard for a lower back tattoo not to be sexy on a girl. Their placement makes it the perfect sexy tattoo, but there are some sexy tattoo designs that really get the juices flowing for the opposite sex.

If you're considering a back tattoo and don't want them to be too cutesy, there are designs out there for you that will really stand out when you want them to. Just be aware that these tattoos are visible whenever you bend over in most casual outfits so dress appropriately when you don't want to be the center of attention.

Symmetrical tattoo designs that branch from the spine out look really good on the back. If you're looking for some sexy symmetrical or spreading middle designs, these are some ideas for you:

o Vines spreading out with roses blooming from them look very sexy. Every rose has its thorn, right? A tattoo design like this is really enticing.

o Any sort of symmetrical henna design starting at the lower spine and swirling out looks great. These are always sure to grab attention.

o A fairy or butterfly wing design coming from the middle are really playful and sexy at the same time. What's better to feel like a goddess than to have wings that you can show off?

A string of stars or hearts, or even a bar code make for some more sexy lower back tattoos for girls. It's really hard to go wrong with a symmetrical tattoo design on your lower back.

If maybe symmetry isn't your thing and you want to branch out from that other girls get, then a standalone design can also look fantastic on your lower back. If you're not going for symmetry you can also get a lower back tattoo closer to one of your hips. You are not tethered to getting a tattoo in the middle of your lower back! Here are some sexy tattoo ideas for your lower back:

o A flower is always sexy, no matter where it is. A flower right in the middle might put some off, but if you're more bold, this is definitely the way to go! A beautiful rose or orchid tattoo design really says something about how bold you are.

o Chinese calligraphy makes for a great tattoo. Some may say it's an overdone, but having your name or a description of yourself tattooed on your lower back looks very sexy. Just be sure to make sure that what you think is getting tattooed onto your body is really what the tattooist says it is!

o An intricate sun or moon design tattooed on your lower back is a little classy and it looks good. There are thousands of detailed solar tattoos out there and they look fabulous. Want to be the rising sun or moonlight in your special someone's life? These sexy designs can help it happen.

These are just a few ideas, there are millions of sexy lower back tattoo designs for girls out there, symmetrical, in the center, off to the right, or off to the left. There is a specific one out there for you.

Rib Side, Foot and Lower Back Tattoos - Sexy and Feminine Tattoo Designs For Girls

The rib side, foot and lower back tattoos are perhaps the hottest and sexiest tattoos that a lot of girls go for. Gone are the days when tattoos were only expected on boys. Nowadays, society thinks that ink on girls is sexy and seductive. The only hurdle when it comes to tats for girls is how to make sure that the finished design looks classy and feminine. The key to doing so is to keep the designs simple and playful while staying away from dark or highly-suggestive themes.

Rib Side

Rib side tattoos are becoming more common by the minute. For one, girls are always looking for ways to show off their toned bodies and having ink on their ribs will only make them look hotter in their swim suits. Quote tattoos are best placed in your rib side. The reason for this is because there is more skin to work with so you can have a much longer tattoo like Megan Fox. Choose quotes that mean a lot to you and keep the font style elegant. The next time you're on the beach and the dudes don't notice your abs, they definitely will notice your rib tat.


Foot tattoos are great for women because they are inconspicuous. You can go to work without getting a pink slip for going against the dress code, at the same time you can have a fun weekend and show off your amazing ink tat. Star tattoos will always look dainty on girls. Stay away from the more masculine nautical stars. A good idea is to have a dotted star design. Basically, instead of a huge star, get little stars but have plenty of them. They will look like a trail of stars and is a great accent for your heels. A name of a loved one or special someone will not only look cute but is also a sweet gesture.

Lower Back

The lower back is another strategic place to have a tattoo because it is a body part that can easily be concealed. At the same time, having ink on your lower back can prove irresistible to many men and you can instantly show off your tat with a pair of low-rise jeans. In a bid to keep your tat classy, stay away from pretty raunchy and highly suggestive phrases and designs. Choose curvy, vines with flowers. Colorful butterflies and dragonflies are other feminine designs for your lower back. Or go to fantasyland and have a tattoo of an ethereal fairy.

Heart Tattoos - The Meanings Behind The Tattoo Of Love

The heart is an enduring symbol of love that has lasted the test of time, and heart tattoos provide a special way to display that love. It has been used by many cultures throughout history, and its popularity as a tattoo design is growing year by year.

Heart Tattoos Design

The first noted group to use the symbol as a tattoo were sailors. They used the heart tat as a show of love, and to provide a connection to, their loved ones back on shore. These days the basic design has evolved significantly and now includes banners, other designs such as flowers or angels and other symbols. With a splash of color, the designs can look absolutely stunning. The beauty of the heart tattoo is that they can be used by men and women alike, and the style of the design itself can vary widely from tribal to celtic to cartoon just to name a few.

Heart tattoos look good both as a large design with other symbols, or as a small tat. The small design is popular because it can be located on many parts of the body, and depending on whether the wearer wants the tattoo to be visible it is easy for the design to be covered up. They are popular on the shoulder, bicep and arm for men, and ankles, hips, around the belly button and on the lower back for women.


The heart tattoo is very symbolic and it can have many meanings for the people who wear them. Here are some common meanings.

The red heart symbolizes love. It is common for people to have a banner stretch across the heart with a loved ones name in the banner. What a great way to show eternal love.

Another popular theme is to combine the red heart with roses or flowers to portray love and a loving environment. For example, the rose is itself a symbol of love and passion, so the two go together well, and make a strong statement.

When heart tattoos are combined with knives, daggers or swords, this normally represents lost love, or betrayal. For example, the dagger must be used by someone close to you to be effective. Therefore, a dagger through a heart means someone you let get close has hurt you. Very symbolic.

Wings on a heart portrays a free spirit, or someone who is happy in love and is care free. New variations include hearts with other symbols such as animals or objects, to show a connection with, or love for the symbol portrayed. Other great designs that I have seen are hearts with skulls, with flames, a patriotic design with a flag of country in the design, and a heart made up of flowers. There are so many more combinations that you could use.

Where to Get Them

The next step is to check out some designs. If you are serious about getting a top quality design, it is a good idea to get one of the tattoo galleries with thousands of tattoo designs for you to choose from. Check out the free sites on the net to get ideas, but remember those are low quality designs, and thousands upon thousands see these designs everyday. You can imagine how many people will have the same designs now. As they say, you get what you pay for.

I have checked out heaps of sites while looking for my tattoo, both free and paid, and I have provided a review of the top three sites for heart tattoos.

Women's Tribal Tattoos

Are you searching for the perfect women tribal tattoos? Then you've come to the right place. You might have a general idea about what you want, but I'm sure you'll like to learn more about women tribal tattoos to make a final decision about your perfect match in tribal tattoos. Let me tell you more about tribal tattoos.

Since tribal tattoos are a celebration of cultural diversity all over the world, the different kinds of tribal tattoo designs originate from different cultures around the world.

Let's take the Maori tribal tattoo for instance. It originated from the Maori people of New Zealand and is also known as the "moko" of the Maori people. This tattoo has a spiral pattern to it, therefore it is used for enhancing the natural contour or expression on the face of an individual.

Another type of tribal tattoo is the Celtic tribal tattoo. This originated from people of Celtic heritage, the Welsh, the Irish and the Scots. This tattoo is often a way whereby an individual expresses their pride in their Celtic heritage. There are hundreds of Celtic tattoos and each has a specific meaning behind it. The dog Celtic symbolizes the healer of both the body and the soul, the lion Celtic symbolizes dignity, the cross Celtic symbolizes the bridge between heaven and earth and the cat Celtic symbolizes the guardians of the gates of the underworld.

Another option of a Celtic tattoo is the African tribal tattoo design. This is most often used to tell a story about life and most of them symbolize the sign of an individual's wealth, an individual's courage or protection from harm.

The North American tribal tattoo is also another type of Celtic tattoo. It was mainly used to rank individuals in Native American tribes. This kind of tattoo symbolizes an individual's wealth, family lineage and societal status.

Girl Tattoo Ideas - Best Tips Before Getting A Tattoo

If you're looking for girl tattoo ideas, then it shouldn't take you too long to find one. From the wacky to the classic designs, you can find a unique tattoo ideas online and even offline. Before you do get a tattoo, there are a couple of considerations that you should take note of when it comes to tattoo ideas.

Go to the Right Sources

Getting a tattoo is a major decision. You don't want to make a mistake with your tattoo design because you are stuck with it for life. If you are bent on getting a tattoo, get a design from a reputable source. Here are some possible design sources:

- Getting the right tattoo artist can make all the difference. All artists who would like to maintain a regular clientele build their design portfolios. You should however, opt for an artist who has had real experience tattooing the designs in his gallery. You probably don't want to be the experimental first client.

- Online galleries are also a great choice. Many of these galleries contain hundreds of thousands of categorized designs that you can choose from. If you are a great fan of the art, you may want to sign up for a membership so you can have access to unlimited tattoo designs.

- Be open about getting your girl tattoo ideas from other inspirations. You may be able to find a good design in a textbook or fantasy book. Some of your friends may also have cool and unique tattoos. Make sure though to consult an experienced tattoo artist about the feasibility of the design of your choice.

Pick One that Matches Your Spot

The body spot where you put your tattoo on can make a lot of difference. There are some body parts that just look better with certain patterns and design sizes. Make sure you consider the spot you want tattooed before settling on a design. Your foot for example may not look very good with a huge design. Girls' feet will look daintier with small designs. Another example would be tattoo designs on the lower back. You can settle for a small design but that would be useless if your real purpose is to show off your curves. If showing off is what you want, settle for full horizontal designs that stretch over the lower back.

Settle for Something Meaningful

Ink tattoos cannot be erased. That means you should rather settle for a design that has some meaning for you. You would probably feel better if you could explain to curious people what the symbols in your body mean. Knowing what your designs mean will also ensure that you need not get stuck with designs that have bad connotations. Pick tattoos that you are sure you will love for the rest of your life.

Don't Scrimp

There are discount tattoo designs and services. Just like everything else, you have the opportunity to save a few dollars on your tattoo design. You could for example pick free designs online or settle for a lesser known tattoo artist. You should consider though that you are asking for a service that cannot be undone. If you want a great tattoo, always settle for the best. Don't scrimp on your tattoo design or artist.

Open your mind and eyes to the possibility of discovering girl tattoo designs everywhere. Do not, however, make the mistake of picking ideas in random. Take your time going through numerous options before settling for a design.

Dragonfly Tattoos - Where to Get Ideas and Inspiration For Your Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

Dragonfly tattoos can be cute and sexy at the same time that is why they are greatly favored by women as the tat theme for their body art. Their delicate wings with colorful hues and the meaningful symbolism attached to them make them even more attractive and interesting. There is just something beautiful and artistically appealing with dragonfly tattoos that women prefer to have them adorned on their body.

Dragonfly symbolizes freedom and independence. Their ability to fly and swirl combined with hover and loop-the-loop make them look fun and free to roam around and enjoy the beauty of around them. They represent a free-spirited and carefree actions combine with positivity and harmony. Indeed, a dragonfly tattoo on one's body can reflect a lot of happy and whimsical moments. Aside from these, dragonfly can also mean change, lightheartedness and passion. They are somewhat similar in their qualities with fairies and butterflies which are both flimsy and gentle in nature. Not to mention gorgeous and exquisite with their admirable beauty as their strongest quality.

Dragonfly tattoos are very versatile and flexible as a tat art. It would look great on almost any parts of the body such as the foot, ankle, shoulder blade, arm, lower stomach, lower back, hip and rib cage area.They can be tattooed small or big with designs of the wings reflecting the light and showing a variety of colors. Some artist focused on portraying the big and expressive eyes that the dragonfly is known for while others choose to focus on its slender and lean body.

There are tons of choices on where to find inspiration for your dragonfly tattoo design. A visit to your local library would show you books with pictures of dragonfly in a variety of colors and styles. You can also check out tattoo magazines with photos of dragonfly tat on other people. The internet of course, is the easiest source as there are literally tons of choices that you can harvest from the web just by Googling the term. Just careful not to fall trap into low quality and cookie cutter types of tattoo art as they would definitely not look fitting on your body. When it comes to your tat art, you should not go cheap. Remember it is something that will be with you forever so make sure that the design is something well thought of. It is always best to put careful planning and effort in coming up with the final dragonfly tattoo design.

Flower Tattoo Art - Have Your Skin Inked With Blooming Emblems

Since the earlier years, the flower tattoo art has been closely linked to the making of beautiful blossom patterns. As a matter of fact, this body art is associated with the old creation of tattoo artwork. This can be proven by the way they look that if you will notice, even though the flower tattoo designs look stylish and trendy, they can also usher a different meaning to every person who chose it, regardless of which country across the nations you come from. This article will be sharing with you a lot more information regarding this flower tattoo art so you will better understand the significance and beauty of such artwork. Here are just a few of the other possible reasons why you may want to have some of these flower design tattoos inked on your body.

First, make sure that you find a beautiful pattern that will quietly tell people a story or tale about your personality. Make sure that hewn choosing the perfectly ideal design for you, take into consideration the shape as well as the form of the flower tattoo art you are going to get. That way, when you go to your local tattoo artist, you already know the exact design you prefer.

If you are a man, find some other designs. These flower tattoo designs are truly meant to bring out the feminine side of every woman. It represents the true character, as well as beauty of the woman. There are actually a wide range of colors to choose from, so be very meticulous before deciding on one as you know; body tattoos are actually what you may consider hypothetically permanent as soon as inked into you.

If you are the type of person who is somewhat on the religious side, or is devout in the practices of your religion, then you may choose the iris three-way petals as a design. This flower tattoo art actually stands for the Holy Trinity, while both the white and blue colors signify our Blessed Virgin Mary.

What is more, you can also choose the flower tattoos combined with a hummingbird or any other kind of bird you prefer, enjoying eating the nectar from the tattoo flowers inked on your body. There is no doubt that it would surely be a beautiful design to look at. Also, add some striking colors to make them vivid and more beautiful. That would make your tattoo design more stunningly beautiful and all worth it.

Lastly, because such flower tattoos are designs that depict and showcase the symbols of beauty and attractiveness, you should make it a point that you do not only mark or ink yourself with a blossom tattoo that is beautiful to look at, but more importantly, make sure that you always wear a beautiful you, inside and out, wherever you go. The tattoos are just accessories to make you look beautiful, but your true beauty will always be the one that will come from within your heart.

Flower Tattoos - Tips on Choosing a Beautiful and Elegant Flower Design

One of the most popular tattoo designs for women are flowers. A gorgeous flower can be very sexy, delicate and feminine. The appeal of a flower is that there are so many variations that you can use with this particular design. There are also hundreds of flowers to choose from, so it is safe to say that your flower tattoo will be unique to you.

Another great thing about a flower design is that they can be anywhere on your body and still look great. You can choose a small single flower for your ankle or wrist or go wild with a huge full back tattoo. The beauty and elegance of flower tattoos will always be a popular choice.

If you are contemplating a flower design but just can't seem to come up with and idea, here are some suggestions to get your mind rolling.

  • Flowers with Vines - Vines almost always compliment any flower design. Depending on what area of the body your tattoo will be on, and how large the design will be, the cool thing about vines is that they can flow across your body to create a very sexy look.
  • A Flower with a Name - These tattoos are often seen on men as well, and the flower is almost always a rose with a name. Whether it be "mom" or a lady of desire, these tattoos are quite common. If you decide to have a boyfriend or girlfriends name tattooed, just be sure the relationship will last. Need I say more?
  • Hearts and Flowers - Hearts are a favorite tattoo design as well and when added to pretty flowers, this can be a gorgeous combination.
  • Mixed Flowers - Many flower designs are just one favorite flower, but a mixture of several different kinds of colorful ones makes a beautiful bouquet on your body.
  • Flowers to Compliment Another Design - You may already have a design in mind but think it will look too plain by itself. Flowers are the perfect choice to add a little pizzazz to any tattoo design.

These are just a few ideas to help you along with picking out a tattoo design. I hope they will inspire you in your search for a beautiful flower tattoo.

Flower Tattoo Designs - Discover the Beauty and Diversity of Flower Tattoo Designs

Flower tattoo designs are very popular among females. A lot of women who want to have a tattoo will most likely choose flower designs. Flower tattoo designs are feminine, and they remain as one of the most common options among women who embrace the art of skin tattooing.

There are several reasons why flower tattoo designs offer a good choice for permanent body tattoo. Flowers are not only beautiful, they are also timeless. They signify a woman's femininity and diversity. More often than not, flower tattoo designs are colorful, bright and very attractive. They make a good impression on a woman's skin. The choice of colors is essential in coming up with a great looking tattoo.

Flower tattoo designs are sizable. Depending on your preference, you can choose to cover one entire area of your body with the design you want or you can choose one cute, small flower for one area of your skin. You can also opt for sprawling flower tattoo design to be positioned on your lower back. This is both sexy and feminine. If you want a smaller design or just a single flower for a tattoo, you can have it placed on one side of your upper back or on your upper arm - a common spot for tattoos.

There are a lot of add-ons that you can incorporate in your flower tattoo design. You can choose to add thorns, leaves or even ribbon details. Butterfly and birds designs can blend well with flower tattoos. Fairies can also be added to create a fantasy theme. You can also choose your own concept such as adding words or names.

There are also many ways to enhance flower tattoo designs. You can start with a single flower and then, after sometime when you have decided to have a bigger tattoo, you can choose to add more flowers and have a crawling design or other fancy details. These designs can also be easily customized and the possibilities for color combinations are endless. This shows just how flexible and diverse flower tattoo designs are.

Depending on your personality, you can choose a particular flower tattoo design that suits you. One of the most common is the hibiscus flower design. It presents a summery, Hawaiian theme that is both laid back and relaxed. Hibiscus flowers have a tropical and exotic island flavor and they symbolize an easy-going, fun-filled lifestyle.

If you want a more unique flavor, the Lotus flower is also an excellent choice. This flower starts as a bud against the mud down in the bottom of the river and it slowly rises up on top of the water for sunlight. Soon, they unfold into a beautiful and lovely flower. Based on the beliefs of Hindus and Buddhists, this flower symbolizes the soul's journey towards enlightenment. The lotus flower tattoo design can be used to symbolize a person's deeper persona and spiritual attributes.

Other popular choices include orchids, cherry blossoms and other small oriental wildflowers. In general, flower tattoo designs are excellent and timeless choices for tattoo art which you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Female Tattoo Gallery - Popular Tattoos Women Want

Female tattoos or feminine designed tattoos are usually favored by women or girls are becoming increasingly familiar as tattooing became more socially acceptable, largely due to the many celebrities who publicly sported tattoos. These can be usually found in a great female tattoo gallery.

This kind of female tattoo gallery has tattoos that are usually smaller and prettier. Popular designs might include a butterfly, a flower or a Celtic design. Women's tattoo designs are also less heavy, less aggressive-looking. They tend to have thinner lines, though this is, of course, a generalization rather than a rule.

Women nowadays are gradually opting for large tattoos. 'New school' hearts, stars, roses and tribal tattoo designs on the lower back are increasingly being asked for by females. Therefore these days, a female tattoo gallery will have these popular designs as women are becoming more experimental in the shapes and sizes of their designs.

Many tattooists and female tattoo gallery report that when musicians, especially hip-hop artists get tattoos, there is usually a particular tattoo that is very popular. The popularity of lower back and stomach placement of tattoos suggests that most women still don't want their tattoos to be too obvious and also a desire for a more sexual placement of the tattoo.

Many female tattoo gallery will normally recommend women to get their tattoos done on the more popular spot such as the lower back and ankle.

First, lower back is a very sexy spot to have a tattoo. It seldom shows, but can be 'flashed' as the woman bends over. Catching a glimpse of a lower back tattoo on a woman, you almost get the feeling that you're seeing something you shouldn't be - very tempting!

Ankle tattoos in any female tattoo gallery are usually small. Other tattoo location for girls include the shoulder - the left shoulder is traditionally the feminine side - because shoulder tattoos are a great accent when you're wearing a tank top or halter top in the summer.

When it comes down to it, it's what makes you feel good. It's going to be around for quite a while so you may as well choose a tattoo that has lasting appeal in the female tattoo gallery.

There are so many good tattoo designs and custom pieces a tattoo artists can do nowadays so don't be tempted to get some designs which will date really fast and end up looking shoddy.

Generally female tattoos in any female tattoo gallery are very sexy and striking, and they certainly don't need to be offensive in any way. Do a search for 'female tattoos' on the internet in order to get more ideas with regard to tattoo designs.

Creative Female Tattoo Designs - Jump on the Female Tattoo Gallery Bandwagon

Female tattoo designs are in high demand over the past decade. Although there are countless artworks available on the internet, how to find an out-of-this-world feminine design comprises of cute, beautiful and fashionable elements?

Where to find amazing tattoos?

It may be a waste of time if you're still trying to search tattoo web sites that carry decent pictures and not jumping on the bandwagon of an online female tattoo gallery fast enough. Otherwise in a single location you'll expose to unlimited quality and wonderful motifs where you can quickly and easily pick up a sky-inspired design to attach to your body for life. A comprehensive gallery will ensure you have all tattoo options for selection.

Which body part to ink?

A tattoo gallery will offer enough inspirations and choices to make each inking on your body an awesome art. The popular body parts to attach female tattoo designs are the lower back, thighs, neck, upper back, hips and wrists. If you want your body arts to be able to cover up from time to time, you may want to avoid the wrist or the neck. Inking on other parts of the body can be hid by your clothes. The lower back tattoos portray attractive curvature of a female body, and the hip, neck and thigh are the incredibly sensuous parts of the female body with great flirty and feminine inspiration.

What design to place?

What are the famous female tattoo designs? Are there any motifs you should avoid? Probably you need to be aware of tattoo trend. If you follow the crowd, it can be either too many people around wearing the same designs or the particular artwork is just popular for a short while. You may want to avoid following the trend, but the choice is yours. Usually females love beautiful floras, cool fairies, amazing angel wings, hearts and stars. You can have very beautiful and creative artwork variations if you search inside a female tattoo gallery with these categories.

Sexy Lower Back Tattoos For Girls - A Feminine Choice For Your Next Tat

Lower back tattoos were hardly seen that much prior to the 1990s, when crop tops and short shirts were trendy. Girls found out that they could showcase a great tattoo and that a lower back design increased the focus on their feminine curves and waistline. Even though it's been a decade, these sexy tattoos for girls are still going strong. In fact, they are one of the most popular tats for girls today!

Most of them are an elongated shape that is widest in the middle and tapers out to the sides. Some are a shaped like a "V" to dramatically highlight the body's natural curve. A popular choice is to get a central image surrounded by lines that branch outward. For instance, hearts, stars, butterflies, dolphins, dragons, or Celtic cross images are popular for the central focus. Vines wings, flames, or other designs that swirl and twist are popular surrounding designs. Many look kind of "tribal" in nature. For a unique twist on your lower back tattoo, it can wrap around further to the sides or even to the stomach.

Round tattoos are also a popular choice for the female lower back. This produces quite a different look, but it is still a focal point and makes an energetic statement. Generally, oblong tattoos are regarded as "sexier" or "girlier" because they do a better job of highlighting feminine curves, but the choice is up to you. Images like suns and moons are also popular.

Tattooing the lower back is a fabulous choice for a lot of reasons. First, the location offers a perfect flat canvas to work with. It's almost as if the spot was made for a tattoo. The skin back won't change much with age or weight fluctuations, so your tattoo will look great for decades and you won't have to worry about it. It's always a little suggestive to flash a tat in this location - it's like having a hidden but highly decorated piece of your skin peek out for just a second, and that's very attractive.

As said before, lower back tattoos are the number one location for women today. So if you think that it may bother you to have a tattoo so many other people already have, you might want to choose another location. According to some sources, 20% of women have one in this location. If you are in love with a design that will go just perfect across your lower back, then get it. In the end it doesn't matter what other people have - only what you think. But if making the conventional choice was never for you, maybe find something a little more daring instead.

Fairy Tattoo Designs - The Sexiest, Hottest and Cutest in Feminine Tattoo Designs

Fairy tattoo designs are a great design to consider. Of course if you are trying to pick a tattoo design you should always go with your gut and pick a design because it is important to you. Don't ever get a tattoo because it was popular at the time as you might regret your decision later. However, if you were already considering different fairy tattoo designs there are a lot of options out there for you. That is one of the greatest things about tattoos. You are never stuck to only one style. You can take any type of tattoo and alter it in an infinite number of ways to suit your needs. Well, fairy tattoos are no different there are an infinite way to customize them. Here are just a few of the things you can do with your own tattoo design.

Tribal Fairy Tattoo
A tribal fairy tattoo can work great. Although at first this might not be a combination that people think of. Yet for some people a standard fairy might be too feminine or too cute and they might want something that looks a little more powerful and strong . Thus adding the bold and strong black lines of a tribal design into the fairy can work well. It creates a certain amount of balance in the design. So how can a tribal design work with a fairy design? Well the wings can be done in a tribal black line work design or you can feature a tribal design on the sides or even behind the fairy. For example think of a long rectangular tattoo design like the lower back tattoo. A fairy wouldn't fit correctly here as it would get too stretched out and not work well. So a person can easily place the fairy in the middle and then have two tribal line work designs going out away from the fairy.

Cute Fairy Tattoos
Another version of a fairy tattoo is a cuter version. The actual design can be made to look cute, sexy, feminine even coy. It is all about the positioning of the fairy and the expression on the face. For example a fairy with long legs and a short little skirt will look very different and convey a different meaning then a fairy that looks shy and is hiding her face. So spend some time considering how you want your fairy to be posed and the expression on the face that you are after. Do you want to show your sexy side to the world in this cute tattoo design or your shyness?

Natural Fairy Tattoos
There is always the all natural fairy tattoo that lives with other woodland creatures in a very natural environment. These can be anything from a very bold statement and appreciation for nature to a more mystical and mysterious design depending on the placement of the elements of the design, and the colors used. For example if the natural environment has glimmering stars and fog it will look more magical then one with big trees.

Butterfly Fairy Tattoos
Of course there is also the butterfly fairy tattoo mix which can work well also. This can be anything from a cute fairy sitting on top of a magical mushroom and a butterfly landing on her hand to a butterfly fairy. That would be a fairy with butterfly wings.

Free Exotic Butterfly Tattoo Designs - See Them Today

Butterflies are lovely creatures that have been honed and transformed by time. Metamorphosis is a stage where a butterfly changes from a belittling caterpillar that crawls and is never loved by anybody (unless maybe by some nerds or some scientists who studies about them) to a colorful, vibrant butterfly that flies freely in the air. A butterfly never soar high, like other birds, but they generate such a high spirit that seeing one could brighten anyone's mood and lighten anyone's day.

No wonder there are many artists who loves capturing and interpreting a butterfly's image in many ways. A butterfly tattoo design is one form of capturing the beauty and wonders of this creature. A person allows himself/herself to be an instrument to express appreciation to this awe-inspiring creature.

If you are one of the many people who are planning to have a this type of design on your body, then you might be searching for a unique butterfly design.

With so many people having butterflies as their tattoo you surely would want to have a design that has never been used by anybody else. An exotic butterfly tattoo design is probably what you are looking for. Then you might want to search for some example designs that could help you make your final choice.

There are free exotic butterfly tattoo designs that are available in the internet. To find one you must be patient enough to browse through many free samples. You must not limit yourself to only few choices or you may end having the same butterfly designs with other people.

The best option is to pay a few dollars to join a searchable database of designs - this way, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

Cute Girl Tattoos - Amazing Designs Girls Want!

Tattoos have, over the last decade and a half, gone mainstream. What used to be a mark of rebellion and strife is now considered a fashion accessory. While most tattoos are still applied to men (and bought by men), girls and women are also getting into the act. There are even cute girl tattoos.

Where men like to have their tattoos on the upper arm, or chest, or shoulder, most girls are aware that what they're doing has to work with the somewhat more revealing fashions. Thus, a girl needs to think about whether or not a tattoo will look good with a bikini, or a prom dress, or an evening gown. Likewise, girls tend to be a bit more careful about making sure that a tattoo is concealable with professional or casual attire.

So, when looking for a cute girl tattoo, the first thing to think of is "where to put it" - on the back, between the shoulder blades is a common place, as is a circle around the upper arm, or a circle around a wrist or ankle. Another popular place is at the small of the back, right over the crease of the buttocks, because it can be hidden with a modest swim suit - or shown off with a low cut one.

Places to avoid getting a tattoo are on the face, or on the breast, or in between your breasts - the face is a fairly obvious place to avoid a tattoo, just because of the pain and difficulty concealing it. The upper chest is a bit less obviously a "bad place", however, it runs the risk of spoiling the tattoo because that skin shifts and stretches over time, and it makes it awkward to wear anything low cut.

As to what qualifies as a cute girl tattoo, there's a wide range of options; everything from the now cliché'd "circle of thorns" to roses to butterflies. Pick an image that you're going to find enjoyable and meaningful for years to come. When you're getting the work done, be sure to ask to see the health inspector certification. A good tattoo parlor should be as clean as an operating room.

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