Star Tattoo - Star Tattoo Designs That Teens Love

Pop princess Riyhanna and her boyfriend Cris Brown are both admirers of the star tattoo design. Riyhanna's tattoos could be seen in her nape and stretch all the way down her back, while Cris Brown has three star tattoos engraved under his ear. This type of drawing is quite appealing to teens nowadays.

The star tattoo design can be presented in small figures and in groups wherein it can fill the whole ankle area or the nape area as the case of Riyhanna. Small star tattoos are most appropriate for girls. They can also be fashioned like a bracelet looking like a string of small stars on the wrists or ankles. The shooting star design is quite masculine and applicable to men. There are shooting star designs with a rock music mood that are quite appealing to males. The design can be drawn on the back, arm, or leg. In some cases, a name is written in the middle of the star to indicate that the person is quite important to you. The word itself denotes someone with extreme popularity in his or her field that is why one can be called a "star". There are different colors that can be used to create a perfect star image. Usually this design would also be comprised of swirling lines, arcs, or a chain of little stars.

It is not just the style that is interesting about the star design but also its meaning. Like the star, it projects a positive mood. It emits light and it beautifies the sky on a dark night and with this it is exemplifies beauty. Trinkets of small and big stars can present a variety of priorities in life. It can speak about the significance of certain persons to you; some may be more important as symbolized by a bigger star, and for the smaller stars these may denote mere acquaintances. The use of various colors in a chain of stars can look like a rainbow from a distance. This play of colors, denotes happiness and care-freeness in one's personality. Star designs are among teens favorites for their tattoos.

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